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Rabbit Colony

Briar patch rabbits. : ) My bachelor herd of juveniles out for the day in the pen. -

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Rabbit coccidia

FREE BABY BUNNY POO CHECKUPSWhat does your bunny poo tell us ?With summer fast approaching 2015, we are finding baby bunnies from breeders and a small number of pet shops with coccidia in their poo. Coccidia is an intestinal parasite specific to rabbits, and usually live in the liver. Coccidia becomes an issue for rabbits when a significant number of the parasites can be seen in their droppings. Baby bunnies are particularly susceptible and can be seriously weakened if infected.Starting from the 5th of October and ending the 2nd of November we are offering FREE bunny poo check-ups for rabbits less than 4 months old.If you would like to receive a voucher for your FREE check-up email us rabbitshopstaff@gmail.comEither drop the sample in during office hours or mail to U10 / 20 Shields Cres Booragoon 6154 in a ziplock bag with all your best contact details for resultsIf there is a problem with the poo sample, a consult is recommended.http://bit.ly/1R4zj6owww.rabbitshopandmedicalclinic.comDr E Vickridge -

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Rabbit Kittens

These are 2 week old rabbits, offspring of mother Bungee and father Kevin. The rather perplexed dog is Mabel, the old lady of the house - gentle, sloppy and a little bit dumb, she's quite affection with the kittens. -

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Rabbit Stampede

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Alpaca & Rabbit

Ah... the beautiful innocence of country life... ...unless you are a baby alpaca trying to squeeze in an afternoon nap. No such luck for a relaxed lull with Lucky around.... Unfortunately the film stops just before the rabbit lies down beside the alpaca and lights a camel.Ergens in een tuin op Texel groeide iets moois tussen dwergkonijn en alpacaveulen...See http://home.hetnet.nl/~tyeslemore-vos... for more alpaca family pictures. -

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Orissi Rabbit


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White Rabbit

Song is "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. No copyright infringement intended and hopefully they let us use their awesome song.Caity Lotz creative concept video shot at Blue Cloud RanchCreated with...Mik LuxonKaity WilliamsBlue Cloud RanchSamy's Camera Wayne DalglishLee Chesley -

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