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Testovali jsme vibrátor Idonis značky Odeco z prémiových materiálů - lékařského silikonu a ABS plastu. Celou recenzi najdete na Lascivni.cz:http://www.lascivni.cz/eroticke-hrack...Krátce o vibrátorech ze silikonu:http://www.lascivni.cz/slovnicek/vibr...Všechny recenze a foto-návody najdete zde:http://www.lascivni.cz/ -

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Odeco Bullet Egg

This is the first remote control egg I have owned, and at first I was surprised by the sudden power I felt inside me when I turned it on. My husband wanted to be the one to control it with the remote control that works up to 10 meters or 30 feet, but I wanted to try it all out by myself for a few times first. I think I'll let him try next time I use it!This bullet egg and charger come with a split USB charging cable, so that you can charge both at the same time. You also get a black, satin-like storage bag if you don't want to keep the whole box. The box itself looks really nice too and is great if you want to give this as a gift.You turn the remote and egg on by pressing for a few minutes on their power buttons. You can see when the remote is on because the light that goes partly around the outside of the remote comes on, and with the egg you have to look a little closer because only the power button flashes. You can then insert the egg. It is really smooth and velvety feeling, and goes in very easily with a little lube. Then have fun pressing the remote's button, to get the different vibration modes. There are 7 in total. You have to go through all before it will turn off. You can feel the vibrations quite strongly up the pull cord, and I found it felt even better when I twisted it forward to lie over my clitoris.One thing you need to make sure, is that you turn both the remote AND the egg off when you are finished using them. I turned off the remote but totally forgot about the egg, probably because the remote is easy to see that it is on while the egg only has a small flashing light. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed when I got it out my cupboard to play again and it was dead! Now I make really sure it's off before I put it away. According to the website, the charge can last for up to 120 minutes.The bullet is also waterproof, which makes sense, since you're inserting it in yourself.I was very lucky to receive this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.Visit my blog for more details : https://mytoyboxsite.wordpress.com -

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Review of Odeco's product The Anteros, single person vibrator -

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Os mostramos cómo funciona y qué nos ha parecido el huevo vibrador de Odeco -

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